There’s now also an Ansible script that runs locally if you want to use your Mac natively. Use this repo.



Some learnings and new implementations have happened since the last post about the Nordic NRF51:

- I wrote an Ansible script to automate the provisioning and deployment of a complete development environment for NRF51 using the FruityMesh framework. Please note that the environment is hosted on a headless Ubuntu, so you need some command-line fu.
The repo supports VirtualBox and Parallels running Ubuntu using Vagrant. I hope you find it be a useful way to quickly enable you to develop modules for BLE mesh experimentation or simply develop for the NRF51.

- I cloned the original and created this repo to exercise its mesh programming, specifically:
* Timer functions
* RSSI values
* GPIO programming

The implementation demonstrates an RGB LED that changes colours when its paired NRFs change their relative signal strengths as their distance from it changes.

I hope you find these two artefacts useful, and as always, your comments are welcomed.

Some useful links:
- M-Way Labs FruityMesh implementation
- Helpers for development
- Mac OS/X setup (without FruityMesh support)

Happy hacking!